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Welcome to the Glossary, which is jam-packed with all the terms you'll need to know to get the most out of Taptok.

All-in-One Digital Platform
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Type of technology that is used to manage a company's relationships and interactions with its customers and potential customers.

  • Call to Action (CTA): Any button on our platform's Mini-Pages that acts as a prompt to tell anyone to do something specific, such as request a meeting or contact the owner of one of our cards.

  • Short Message Service (SMS): Service for sending short messages up to 160 characters to mobile devices and smartphones.
  • Quick Response Code (QR): A machine-readable code made up of an array of black and white squares that is typically used to store URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone's camera.

  • Virtual Card (vCard): A digital version of a business card that can be shared via SMS, email, web link, social networks, and so on.

  • Onboarding: Any documentation sent by Taptok to customers or organizations that lists all of their credentials, such as accounts, usernames, links to vCards, and Mini-Pages.

  • Migration: Process of migrating a user's or organization's accounts from an older platform to a newer one.

  • Physical Product: Any Electronic Business Card you own from Taptok.

  • Mini-Page: Also known as Mini-Websites, are optimized websites designed to present relevant content to your audience and easily convert them into clients, subscribers, or fans.

  • Dashboard: The main section of Taptok's Audience Connections Platform, from which users can access all of the platform's features.

  • Pending Migration: The status of any user's Physical Product that indicates an upgrade to their account is required; this upgrade is free of charge.

  • Action Assigned: What a user's Physical Product should do when tapped, such as launch their Virtual Card or Mini-Page.

  • Locked: The status of any user's Physical Product that indicates it cannot be used for reasons such as their Business Card being lost or stolen; this action can be performed by the users themselves or by Taptok.

  • Template: A Mini-Page design sample that contains presets and details that can be customized by any user when creating a Mini-Page from a template.

  • Insights: A brief summary of analytics regarding an audience's interactions with a user's content.

  • Engagement: Analytics that show how audiences prefer to interact with an user's content.


  • Product Status: A quick summary of analytics that show how many Physical Products a user has activated or locked.

  • Channel: The method by which a user's audience converts to contacts, whether is physical or digital.

  • Privacy Center: Dashboard section where an organization's administrator configures options for how audiences interact with users' physical products and how analytics are collected.

  • Security Center: Dashboard section where an organization's administrator can configure what users can and cannot do within their profiles, as well as how third-party engines interact with all of the organization's accounts.

  • Organization Settings: General options that an administrator can change from the account of an organization.

  • Administrator: A user who has privileged access to our platform when managing an organization's accounts.

Physical Products
  • Electronic Business Card (EBC): Card or card-sized physical device that allows its user to instantly transmit their contact information and other data to a recipient’s mobile device.

  • Near-Field Communication (NFC): Short-range wireless technology that allows smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to share or receive data when they are in close proximity to another object equipped with an NFC chip.

  • Token: Number that identifies a physical product, which can be found on the back of any Taptok's Electronic Business Cards.

  • Tap: Practice of scanning a user's physical product on another person's smartphone and saving their contact information.

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