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Modified on Thu, 17 Aug 2023 at 03:01 PM

In addition to Audience Management tools and Analytics, our platform allows for three different ways to create a contact. Two of these options are accessible by clicking on My Audience in the Dashboard's sidebar, and the third is explained further below.

Manual Contact Creation
  • Select My Audience from the Dashboard's sidebar
  • Once in My Audience, click on Create Contact+
  • You'll be presented with a window where you can enter various types of information to complete your contacts, such as name, phone number, social media, workplace information, and more
  • You can fill in even more info from your contact by clicking on Show More
  • When finished, click Save Contact
  • When you return to My Audience and scroll down to the Total Contacts section, you'll see that your contact has been created

Digitalize Paper Card Method
This method is extraordinary as it uses our algorithm to scan any photo you have from your contact's Business Card and automatically converts it to a contact.

  • Select My Audience from the Dashboard sidebar
  • Once in My Audience, click on Digitalize Paper Card
  • Choose the Paper Card photo (Having better quality photos gets better results)
  • Wait until the Converting loading screen has vanished
  • After the process is completed, you will be prompted to share your Virtual Card with the newly created contact, or you can skip this step and do it later by clicking on I'll do this later
  • When you return to My Audience and scroll down to the Total Contacts section, you'll see that your contact has been created
  • We recommend clicking on the pencil icon to edit your contacts with any missing information; when you click on Edit, you'll be taken to the same window as shown on the manual contact creation before

Mini-Pages Contact Forms
This option is only available to people you've shared your Mini-Page with. If your Mini-Page includes a Contact Form, this process will automatically create a contact for you without you having to do anything. Most of our templates include a Contact Form, which serves as a powerful Call to Action on any Mini-Page; however, you can also add this module from the Mini-Page Builder. Below is an example of how any person would fill out this section and how it is automatically converted to a Contact. (Remember, this example assumes the viewpoint of anyone with whom you shared your Mini-Page.)

  • The person will have to fill out the Contact Form with their information 
  • They will then press the Send button
  • They will then see a Success screen
  • When someone fills out a Contact Form, you'll notice that your contact list has been updated in My Audience by scrolling down to the Total Contacts section
  • To determine if this process created any contacts, look in the right part of that section for a message that says Created by Contact Form alongside the contact

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