Create and Manage Contacts

Modified on Tue, 14 May 2024 at 12:03 PM

There are currently three ways to create a contact within the Platform. Two of these options are accessible by clicking on "Connections" in the Dashboard's sidebar, and the third is explained further below.

Manual Contact Creation
  1. Navigate to Connections and click on + Create Contact.

  2. A window will appear where you can enter various types of information to complete your contact, such as name, phone number, social media, workplace information, and more. You can add even more information by clicking Show More.

  3. When finished, click Save Contact.

  4. Return to Connections and scroll down to the Total Contacts section to see that your contact has been created.

Digitalize Paper Card Method

This method utilizes AI to scan any photo of a business card and automatically converts it into a contact.

  1. Within Connections, click on Digitalize Paper Card.

  2. Choose the photo of the business card (higher quality photos yield better results).

  3. Wait until the Converting loading screen disappears.

  4. Once the process is complete, return to Connections and scroll down to the Total Contacts section to see that your contact has been created.

Digital Cards Forms and Save Contact button

These options are available to people you share your Digital Card with. If your Digital Card includes a Contact Form, this process will automatically create a contact for you. Additionally, the Save Contact Call to Action can enable Auto Lead Generation, allowing prospects to share their contact information immediately. Most Digital Card templates include a Contact Form and Save Contact button, which serves as a powerful Call to Action. You can also add this module from the Digital Card Builder. Below is an example of how someone would fill out this section and how it is automatically converted into a contact.

  1. The person fills out the Contact Form with their information and presses the Send button.

  2. They will then see a Success screen and press OK to finalize the process.

  3. When someone fills out a Contact Form, your contact list will be updated in Connections by scrolling down to the Total Contacts section.

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