Container's items alignment explained

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When you're trying to structure your Mini-Page, the Mini-Page Builder will provide you with several tools to do such a task, one of which is the Items Alignment menu, which can be found inside the container's properties. Before continuing, we highly recommend you read our articles about Columns/Containers, as they go hand in hand with this current article and explain multiple functionalities of Containers:

To access this menu, select any container and enter editing mode by clicking the pencil icon or double-clicking when the container is highlighted.

Items Alignment Modes:
  • Default and Column: These modes are similar in that they both work as a column structure; the difference is that the Column mode provides automatic spacing between elements, whereas the Default mode is recommended when you are sure you do not want to change anything about the structure of your Mini-Page

  • Column Reverse: This inverts the vertical order of the elements contained within a container; what was previously on top will now be at the bottom, and vice versa 

  • Row and Row Reverse: This is commonly used on icons or buttons because it provides a horizontal structure of order, and if you have too many elements, as shown in the example, they can easily get lost. It must be considered for use on minimal elements

What is the purpose of the Automatic Elements Adjustment switch?
Above all of the Items Alignment modes, there is a switch button and the title Automatic Elements Adjustment. This is a powerful tool that helps to automatically organize elements within a container in the best way possible without breaking the structure of your Mini-Page, as can happen in other cases when you have multiple icons, for example:

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