How do prospects save the contact once the card is tapped? (Android)

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 02:32 PM

There are two ways a prospect can save your contact when tapping: one is through Virtual Cards, and the other is through Mini-Pages

  • First, your Mini-Page must contain a Save Contact button. This button is found on almost every one of our templates, but it can also be manually added through our Mini-Page Builder. When this button is pressed, the process of saving a contact will begin

  • After pressing the button, a screen asking where they wish to save the VCF (Virtual Card File) will appear, prompting them to click the download button to access the file 

  • The file will automatically download and show a preview of your contact information. Within this screen, they can press Import 

  • They will be once again prompted with a new screen that asks where they want the information of your contact to be saved to 

  • Once the process has been finished, anyone who has downloaded your contact will have access to your Virtual Card and can see any information you created within your Virtual Card. Remember that you can always edit your Virtual Cards at any time 

Virtual Cards
The virtual card process follows the same saving process as before. The only difference is that when your card is tapped, the Virtual Card is automatically downloaded without needing a Mini-Page or any button. Remember that the content your card needs to have assigned is your Virtual Card, not your Mini-Page. To see a further explanation of how to add specific content to your card, see this article: 

Last but not least, within our platform's dashboard, you'll find tools that can help you keep track of analytics showing what users have done with your Mini-Page. For instance, this could be how many people have saved your contact information, who has filled out any of your contact forms, or who has seen any of your social media links. We recommend looking at our audience management articles:

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