How to use Taptok Integrations?

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The Integrations Dashboard is a new feature within the Platform in Business and Enterprise Plans that connects Taptok's Professional Networking Solutions with over 6,000 apps to enhance lead conversion value and boost audience engagement through unlimited integrations. Within the types of apps, you might find some of the most popular CRM solutions that have been popularly requested by many of our beloved customers.

Within this article, you'll find deep explanations about this Dashboard and how to use its main functions.

To find the Integrations Dashboard, do the following:
  • From the Main Dashboard's sidebar, click on Organization
  • Click on Integrations

Integrations Dashboard
Once in the Integrations Dashboard, you'll find an overview of this section and a brief explanation of this Dashboard. To begin with, the most important thing to mention is that Integrations work with Zapier, a third-party solution that allows you to connect with any lead conversion or CRM solution you might know and create and automate workflows. Therefore, you must sign up or log in with Zapier to use the Integrations Dashboard. To do so, follow the next steps:
  • Under "Your Taptok Zaps," you'll find the buttons Sign up or Log in
  • Click the one that best fits your situation
  • This will pop up a new screen where you need to fill in your credentials
  • Once finished, the Integrations Dashboard will now show the button Create Zap, meaning that you are ready to move on to the following steps to Create your First Zap

Before jumping onto the different ways to create a zap, let's first briefly explain what a "Zap" is. The term "Zap" has been defined by Zapier as an automated workflow that connects your apps and services. This means that any "Zap" you create with the Integrations Dashboard is any workflow where you decide to connect Taptok's Solutions with any other app you currently use and will allow you to create triggers and actions where both applications will automatically interchange and collect data from each other.

To start the creation of a zap:
  • Click on the Create Zap button under the "Your Taptok Zap" menu

Creating a Zap with AI
In the new window, you'll see Zapier's main screen to start creating Zaps. The first option is their AI, which is in beta state.

To create a Zap with this function:
  • Describe what you want Zapier's AI to do on the Blank text entry box. Our example specifies "Save new contact from Taptok to Hubspot." You can type any solution you imagine or want
  • Click on the Generate Button
  • Once clicked, the AI will load up the most proper Zap it found or automatically created. If it suits your needs, click on the "Try it" button and finish by following Zapier steps to save this Zap

Manually Creating a Zap
Creating a Zap manually will allow you to specify the exact actions the Zap will do when triggered. To start the manual process, do the following:
  • Within the Zapier screen below the AI option, click on 1. Trigger (the "Trigger" is the Event that starts the Zap)
  • In the new screen, you must select the application from which Zappier will take information. In this scenario, it is Taptok's Platform, so choose or search for Taptok.
  • Under App & Event, click on Choose an Event. Under these options, you'll find the options that start the Event. In this example, we choose New Contact, so every time a New Contact is added from any section or feature of Taptok's Platform, it is going to be automatically created in the application we'll be connecting within the following steps
  • Click on Continue
  • Zapier might ask permission to connect with your Taptok profile, so Click on Sign In to the right of Connect Taptok
  • Click on Authorize on the new screen
  • Click on Continue
  • Click on Test Trigger
  • Zapier will collect any current Contacts you might have under your Taptok Account. If none have been created, you can create a Test Contact, as these are the only steps to configure and Test the Zap
  • If you have one or more contacts already, click on the New Contact bullet point and then Click on Continue with the selected record

After the Trigger has been specified, we need to connect with the second application and create an Action. To do so, do the following:
  • On Zapier's main screen, Click on 2. Action
  • Search or Click the application you want to connect to. In this example, we'll be using Hubspot
  • On Event, search and select the one that best matches the Event of your Trigger. For this situation, "Create Contact."
  • Click on Continue
  • Zapier might ask you to Sign or log in to the application you are connecting to, so fill it in with your second application's login credentials.
  • Click on Continue
  • Under Action, search and select the fields you need to be automatically filled within the second application when the Zap has been triggered. As in this example, we must match the Contact Information from Taptok. We'll choose the similar ones. For this example, we selected Contact information: First Name, Contact information: Last Name, Contact information: Email, Contact information: First Name, Contact information: Phone Number
  • Scroll down and click on Continue once you have selected all the fields you think are necessary
  • Below the Zapier logo, you can edit the name of your Zaps
  • Click on Skip Test or Test Step to save your Zap
  • Click on Publish to finalize the Zap creation

When you have completed the Creation of your Zap, you can log in to your Hubspot account and go to the Contacts section to see if your Zap works correctly by looking at the Contact created when choosing the Trigger and Action Event.

Real test of the Integration created in the example working in real time
As you might know, we give our customers many tools to generate new leads. Mini-pages are the most popular among users as they allow both to Save a user's Virtual Card. Also, a prospect can interchange their Contact Information with our users. This generates a New Contact that can be found in the My Audience Dashboard. But now that we have automated Hubspot to take Contact information from Taptok, we can see in the video below how the Zap is automatically working by itself. It takes the contact information filled in the Mini-Page and is reflected in My Audience Dashboard and Hubspot Contacts. 

By being a new feature, the Integrations Dashboard will be continually improved. One of the things you can expect in the future is ready-to-use templates between different applications to save time manually creating Zaps. As of right now, if you scroll down to the Integrations Dashboard bottom, you'll see two fields where you can select applications to connect, and below that, it gives a result of templates that are popular among Taptok users. This is currently the Templates Section and will be incremented on different kinds of solutions from now on.

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