How to Analyze Insights?

Modified on Mon, 13 May 2024 at 11:48 AM

The "Insights" section on the Dashboard complements the "Connections" section by providing a comprehensive analysis of your audience across both physical and digital channels. It offers valuable data on your networking effectiveness, empowering you to refine your approach and build stronger professional connections.

To access "Insights," simply click on the corresponding tab in the dashboard's sidebar.

Once inside the Insights dashboard, you'll discover eight complementary sections designed to help you track audience trends:

Summary of Professional Networking Interactions

View key metrics of your networking journey, from connections to engagement, all at a glance.

Global Connections Visualized

Explore the geographical locations where your professional connections originate, mapping the journey of your networking encounters.

Audience Engagement
Analyze how your content engages your audience graphically. You can adjust the time frame displayed in the table and filter data by clicking on the colored specific words.

Audience Acquisition
Understand how your audience converts into contacts. Similar to Audience Engagement, you can adjust the time frame and filter data by clicking on specific phrases.

Professional Growth Metrics

Track your professional development by analyzing audience expansion and connections forged over time. You can download graphics in various formats by clicking on the "three horizontal lines" icon.

Your Eco-Impact Visualized

Discover the environmental impact of your networking efforts, including paper saved and CO2 reductions achieved.

Connection Conversion Rate

Quantify the effectiveness of your networking strategies in converting initial interactions into valuable connections. As with other options, you can download graphics in various formats.

Professional Engagement Meter

Compare your virtual and in-person interactions to gauge your overall professional engagement.

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