Transforming a Taptok Lead into a Sales Opportunity

Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 11:19 AM

Acquiring leads using the platform is an easy task. These leads can be generated in multiple ways when utilizing Taptok's products and solutions. One of the most efficient methods is through Call to Actions (CTAs) placed within your Mini-Pages. These CTAs enable you to capture new leads, which are reflected in the "My Audience" section of the Dashboard. However, one of the platform's significant advantages lies in Integrations. With Integrations, you can connect the Taptok Platform with any CRM Solution you currently use, ensuring that all your leads are seamlessly sent to both Taptok and your CRM of choice.

Within the Mini-Page Builder and in some of the most popular Mini-Page Templates, you'll find CTAs such as "Add Contact" or "Contact Form." These options allow any prospect or visitor of your Mini-Page to either download your contact information or share their contact information with you, automatically creating a new contact in the platform. See examples below of these CTAs.

All of these CTAs provide fields that visitors can fill with their information. The "Add Contact" CTA allows you to choose whether visitors can share their information back with you or not. See the following "test" example to understand how this looks and works.

When any visitors or prospects share their information with you through any CTA, you'll find their contact information by expanding the "My Audience" section of the Dashboard and selecting "Leads & Contacts." Additionally, when new contacts or leads are generated, you'll notice a number beside the "My Audience" title. As shown in the screenshot below, you'll find the number "1."

The Platform automatically displays your Leads and Contacts in chronological order, ensuring that the newest ones are always at the top. Here, you can see how the lead we showed in the example above with the "test" prospect has been successfully created, giving you access to multiple options such as editing their contact details, sharing them, or engaging with them.

Continuing with the Integration with CRM solutions, you are able to receive all your leads in your Taptok account and also in all the integrations you have created or connected. To begin, expand the "Organization" menu and click on "Integrations."

Once you've accessed this Dashboard, you'll find something like this:

Before creating any integration or connecting with any of your CRM Solutions, we highly recommend reading the following article, as it explains the initial setup of this Dashboard and provides explanations on how to use it or what you can achieve with it:

Once you've completed the initial setup, you can start creating your integrations or "Zaps," as Zapier (The solution used to create integrations) names it. Below, you can find articles/guides on how to set up integrations for Salesforce, Outlook, and Teams. It's also important to mention that within the Integrations Dashboard, you can find popular templates.

Once you've successfully created your Integrations and tested them, you'll be able to find the prospect's contact information in both the "My Audience" section and the CRM of your choice.

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